Word of the Director


                                            FRIEND READER


Our library has taken up the challenge it has ensured and continued to do the role assigned to it namely a rapid development of scientific and technical information it has been the pedagogical support in the various stages that has known scientific research and the evolution of our university since its inception has come about through its contribution to:


  • Implementation of a documentary policy.
  • Implementation of usage training devices for optimal use of the resources made available to them through directories, catalogs and various other bibliographic tools.
  • Staff training and this will give voice to those who render the services and to those who use them.
  • The Home Function must be a priority.


We welcome you to our library, which is ready to welcome you, to guide you, to help you to carry out your research more easily and to familiarize you with your needs and your respective concerns with our reading rooms, reading rooms internet our collections and more than 200 000 books at your disposal.